Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Price of Secrecy in Oil Spills

A major reason why I doubt the government will compel full clean up of the Gulf region impacted by the BP spill is the extraordinary levels of secrecy that the government has imposed on coverage of the spill. From the earliest moments until now activities by both BP and the federal government have been treated with levels of secrecy reserved for nuclear weapons programs.Why, it's like they are hiding something.
What's there to hide?
  • "Journalists being told they cannot go somewhere simply because they are journalists." ~ Atlantic Wire
  • What is the effect of chemical dispersants being spread with abandon? Secret.
  • Could the dispersants be poisoning the clean up workers? Secret.
One of the great lies of our times was told by Adm. Thad Allen when he said "the media will have uninhibited access anywhere we're doing operations." (Source) It was a lie because not only is BP continuing to block access, the federal government is actively engaged in the effort (as is Louisiana's Republican governor).

This limiting of information is leading people, including me, to draw their own conclusion that the Gulf oil spill is orders of magnitude worse than anything we have been told.
That last rumor has been a boon for FEMA has concentration camps conspiracy theory believers.

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