Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's an Ill Wind That Doesn't Blow Some Good

Payday Lenders Leaving Arizona
Arizona legislators are so busy with their lives as racist troglodytes they didn't have time to renew a law allowing payday lenders to charge 400% interest (APR) on two week loans. It's not like the legislators actually did anything responsible but in Arizona failure to act is a good legislative day for the people.

No Smoking Jail
Lindsey Lohan isn't sympathetic enough to be considered pathetic. In fact I look forward to the day when I won't stumble on another article on her train wreak of a life. Still, the news that Lohan will have to go a few days without smoking (certainly her least destructive addiction) is mildly amusing.

Mata Hari Lite
Often, the best thing about a story is when it ends and this is the end of the Russian spy ring story. These Russian deep cover moles were so incompetent the FBI only arrested them after years of boring surveillance watching them not actually spy anything secret. Felix Dzerzhinsky must be rolling over in his grave.
What a real fem fatale looks like.

Churches and Guns
First Louisiana, now Georgia (also Kentucky), Southern Baptists seem determined to turn their churches into free fire zones. This is bound to end in bloodshed which would be a bad thing except we are talking about white southern Baptists shooting each other.
If Jesus had a gun you can bet that the Easter story would have a very different ending.

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