Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Three Rs of Political Blogging

Since I was a tyke, politically speaking, I've sought out rightwing opinion so I could understand what the enemy was thinking and how they were expressing themselves so as to be able to fight them. I was quite the fan of William F. Buckley back in the day even though I never agreed with a single word he said. Currently, It's become hard to find any coherent voice of conservative thought.

Reading & 'Riting
A few years ago, RedState was a great site for vibrant conservative debate. But their frequent purges of the ideological impure has neutered it. Now it is just Erick Erickson's opinion and people loyally parroting Erickson's opinions back at him. Because Erickson himself is a shallow thinker it has been years since I have found an original thought at Redstate.

Right Wing News is somewhat better, although it is just a links site and even then only links the the same half dozen people echoing party lines back and forth between each other. John Hawkins' unhealthy obsession with tits makes the site partly porn.

The Corner, from National Review, is worthless. William F. Buckley is still by far the best writer at National Review and he's been dead for years. Also worthless are the crazies, like Debbie Schlussel. It's really hard to make sense of the ramblings of paranoid schizophrenics.

Probably the best of the lot is Tigerhawk. He doesn't just repeat party lines like a puppet but puts some thought into his postings. He's wrong but at least he thinks.

One of the biggest problems with tracking conservative thought is their ability to be raging hypocrites without a sorry shred of shame. They criticize earmarks yet are the most active writing them. Anti-abortion firebrand Bob Barr helped his second wife get an abortion. They don't want to fund abortions unless it is for they own staffers. "Family Values Conservative" has come to mean only one mistress at a time. Yet they still claim to be holier than God.

Certainly the most raging hypocrisy has been over stimulus spending. On the one hand Republicans condemn every effort of the federal government to stimulate the economy. Yet, on the other hand they are taking full credit for every penny spent and are begging for more. The hypocrisy has been so epidemic that even other Republicans have noticed.

Their problems with simple math makes it nearly impossible to understand Republicans these days.
Joe Riggs: I can add two and two together.
Bret Maverick: It'll never come out four... not the way you deal.
~ "Maverick" According to Hoyle

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