Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Business Insider In Brief

They are all criminals, Lehman Brothers just got caught.
Business Insider took a lot of words to say that it's just unfair to prosecute Lehman Brothers executives. The only reason they got caught breaking the law was because their company went bankrupt. Executives, BI says, don't worry about being caught fudging their accounting because they will only be found out if the business goes belly up (It goes without saying that all those 'What, Me Worry' executives are also crooks). Prosecuting Lehman Brothers just criminalizes failure. Instead, rigging the books should be considered what it is, normal behavior.

Besides, former Lehman CEO Richard Fuld should not be prosecuted because he has been punished enough since his company is kaput. Why, he's probably living out of a cardboard box somewhere. Or, maybe not.

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