Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Barack and the Bully Pulpit

It's taken a year for him to find it and I hope President Obama doesn't hesitate to return to the political salesmanship he does so well. All of the memorable presidents (Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, Reagan) from the last century knew how to use the well turned phrase in the well timed speech to set his agenda.

For the past year, President Obama strove to be the Great Compromiser against a Republican minority that would oppose him if he said the sun rose in the east. Compromisers might make useful Senators (see Henry Clay) but they make for wholly forgettable presidents (see Millard Fillmore). Trying to compromise with an aggressive, even hateful, and unified opposition is a fool's errand. You weaken your own position while gaining nothing in return.

Finally, President Obama has set his oratorical skills to the battle for Health Care Reform. It is better being the Great Communicator. Only through the bully pulpit of the presidency, used more than once, can he gain the political high ground that will lead to possible victory.

The Best Argument for Passing Health Care Reform
Is Rush Limbaugh's promise to leave the country if it passes. Come on, congressional Democrats, who could possible vote against THAT.

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