Monday, February 15, 2010

The Rape of Persephone

Dear old Goldman Sachs is at it again. They are destroying another country's economy, perhaps an entire continent, because, aw heck, it's just so much fun.

As is the Devil's practice, Goldman seduced the Greek government into sin. By devising ways for Greece to hide its national debt Goldman led Greece to its fall and to an economic crisis that may bring down the entire European Union. And Goldman Sachs profited mightily from it.

It's a story as old as Greek mythology. A powerful and lustful god kidnaps and rapes an innocent girl. Who is more powerful, more godlike, in today's world than that ruler of the Underworld, Goldman Sachs?

Statue is The Rape of Persephone by Bernini.

Standard Disclaimer to Goldman Sachs lawyers: My worship of Goldman Sachs' malevolent mastery continues to grow. Forget the altar, I'm going to build an entire temple. Please don't sue me.

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