Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Limits of Cute

I have been staying away from Sarah Palin because I find just about any other topic more entertaining (Root canal, anyone?).

Palin's popularity is based upon her being a MILF (Mother I'd Like to ...engage in sexual intercourse with). She knows it and as her photo spread in Runner's World and her cover on Vogue prove she plays it for all its worth.

An important aspect of MILFdom is being cute in the "insufferably precious" definition of the word. Hence we had The Wink.
You remember The Wink? During the Biden-Palin debate she threw a big old streetwalker come hither wink at the camera. It had the men at the National Review publicly orgasmic. Amazingly, she performed six of those sexual come-ons during the debate. She sprinkles all sorts of cutesy words like "hopey, changey stuff" into her speeches. That's a lot less Winston Churchill and more Jenna Jameson.

Just this last week she went to the cute well again. She was caught using crib notes scribbled on her hand
and that led to lots of jokes about her being an ignorant slut who can't even remember six talking points without cribbing. So, this week while pimping for Texas governor Rick Perry she flashed a "Hi Mom!" scribbled on her palm.

Of course, Palinites are all over how that was the most brilliant move in the history of speech giving since Teddy Roosevelt finished a speech with a bullet lodged in his chest.

We can hope that Sister Sarah has reached the limits of cute. The most recent poll shows 71% believe she is unqualified to be president.

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