Saturday, February 27, 2010

God Is the Biggest Terrorist

The Haiti earthquake has killed about a quarter of a million people. Over two million continue to be frightened and homeless.

The earthquake this morning in Chile was 100 times stronger than the Haitian quake. While it will probably kill fewer people that is only because its location was farther from population centers. Still, hundreds are likely dead, scores of thousands homeless, and the terror caused spreads across the Pacific with a potentially devastating tsunami.

Comparing these two Acts of God with everything that al Qaeda has attempted over the past two decades is like comparing an elephant to a flea. Think of this the next time fearful Republicans tells us we should trash the Constitution because of some deranged Arab.

Or, it could just be there is no petty God playing with humans like Lego toys. It could be we are all on a living, evolving planet that is as unfeeling towards the humans here as we are to the mites living in our eyelashes. Imagine how they feel whenever you blink.

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