Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rules for a Corporatist State

Now that the Supreme Court has made democracy illegal and imposed a Corporatist State on the United States a few new rules are in order.

I have always written that campaign donations are a thinly disguised form of bribery. Obviously, the intent of the Supreme Court is to remove that thin veil and make bribery both legal and respectable for those rich enough to participate. This new Supreme Court reshaping of the nation means that a corporation can invest a couple of million dollars in campaign donations that will directly result in $20 billion in federal contracts. It will be an outstanding return on an investment. So what to do?

Rule #1 - Any corporation which donates over one dollar to any federal election is forbidden to receive any federal contract for 10 years from the date of that donation. Any corporation currently working under a federal contract is forbidden to make donations to any federal election for the duration of the contract.

Rule #2 - No corporation may receive any loan, gift, or bailout from the Federal Government (including the Federal Reserve Bank) under the same restrictions listed above.

Rule #3 - Any corporation which makes donations or membership payments to a collective body (such as a PAC, the Chamber of Commerce, trade associations) and that body, in turn, makes a donation to a federal election will be treated as if the corporation made that donation directly. This is a "no money laundering" rule.

Rule #4 - All publicly held corporations must report annually to their shareholders all donations made in all federal, state, and local elections. Such reports to list the recipient and the amount.

This still won't stop corporations from setting up shell companies to make their donations (the Enron bookkeeping dodge).

Note: With just a little finagling (like in 2012 when Sarah Palin will hire her daughter as a campaign consultant) politicians will be able to move that money into their own pockets. This will quickly make politicians a wealthy class separate from the people and unbeholden to them.

That is why nothing will be passed. Politicians, especially Republican politicians, are already planning the McMansions they will be able to build. Still, there may be a small window if Democrats in Congress want to act now. Aw, who am I kidding?

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