Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When I Disappear I Always Go to Argentina

As lies go, Mark Sanford's is an unbelievable whopper. He disappears for days telling no one, not even his wife, where he was going. Upon returning he claims he had a nice, long, relaxing drive on a Argentina coastal road that is only two miles long. Yeah, right.

I will grant Mark this much, Buenos Aires women are rated the third most beautiful in the world. And, it would be nearly impossible to discover exactly whom he had his liaisons with. When a politician needs to "relax," Argentina seems an ideal choice for a secret getaway.

An Additional Thought: If you think about it, the most embarrassing part about Mark Sanford scooting off to Argentina for some off-the-radar boning is how badly he covered it up. Here is a trained, life-long politician, a man bred to the bone with the ability to lie with a disarming smile, and he couldn't fabricate a better cover story than that. His cover fell apart faster than a Korean missile. Lesson: if you can't keep an affair in Argentina under wraps you are not qualified to manage a Burger King.

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