Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We're #1 - Torture Division

The United States is the worldwide leader in the application of torture. We have learned from the best and have surpassed their skills.

What impresses me more is the generosity with which we Americans share our knowledge. American advisers are in Mexico training the local police in new techniques to torture their citizens.

Some of the techniques, like waterboarding, have been perfected at Gitmo. Others appear to be new skills. The video opens with the torturers laughing hysterically. This shows we are not only teaching the techniques but we are teaching Mexican police to love the art of pain infliction.

The American "unidentified" torture trainer is with a private U.S. security company. He may be from our beloved BlackWaterUSA, or he may torture for IES-USA, mentioned in the article.

Pain and suffering, America's most valuable export commodity.

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