Thursday, July 03, 2008

Iraq War: Quarterly Update

The equilibrium of the Iraq colonial occupation continues unchanged. Occupation forces continue to die at a rate of over one per day. A dozen soldiers a day are wounded. Barring a military attack upon Iran, we can expect this death rate to continue for the foreseeable future. The next few months...years...decades.

The cost in blood is beginning to show up as profit on the balance sheets of American oil companies, the FOD (Friends of Dick Cheney). The goal of the war is being fulfilled with the wholesale theft of Iraq's oil resources by the big oil corporations (Read Asia Times). The United States will maintain its military occupation of Iraq as long as a drop of wealth can be squeezed from her sands. And American soldiers will continue to die at this "acceptable" rate to increase the income of a handful of corporate giants.

American Military Deaths
2nd quarter 2008 .... 100
1st quarter 2008 .... 107
War Total .......... 4,113

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