Monday, July 21, 2008

The Iraq-Pakistan Border and Other McCain Fantasies

It is difficult to comprehend the utter lack of foreign policy knowledge in what remains of St. John McCain's brain. I refuse to call these gaffes because that assumes he knew better and just made a mistake. If you string these together you realize McCain isn't just mistake prone, a man who might accidentally bomb Latvia because he mistook it for Libya, he is actually ignorant.

Iraq-Pakistan Border
McCain's latest is his referring to the difficult situation along the Iraq-Pakistan border. Of course those two countries are separated by 1000 miles of mountains and desert called Iran. McCain doesn't understand that Iraq and Afghanistan are different countries. In this Today Show interview McCain consistently answers questions about Afghanistan by referring to Iraq and the reverse.

Sunni and Shi'ites
No one can successfully navigate five feet in the Middle East without a basic understanding of the differences between these two Muslim sects. Basically, they loath each other, each considers the other apostate. So when McCain says, repeatedly, that it is common knowledge Iran is training al Qaeda he is being an ignorant fart. The fact is they would sooner cut each others heads off.

Who Are We Talking To?
Back in May McCain claimed that the United States has twenty year history of negotiating with North Korea and Iran. In fact we have an multi-generational history of pretending neither country exists except as potential target practice.

Check those Czechs
Czechoslovakia has not existed for 15 years, it broke into Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993. Only in the addled mind of John McCain are those two countries still enjoying wedded bliss.

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