Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Tower of Evil

There are several levels to the evil that is the Republican Party's immigration crimes.

Base - Craven Cowards
The majority of Republicans in Congress know that what is being done to immigrant families is evil. Yet they stay silent. They are afraid to say so either in public or in private. They are terrified of confronting their god-king Trump over what they know is wrong. They cower in hiding to avoid being asked questions and, if questions are asked, they babble some incoherent nonsense and scurry away.

First Level - the Sociopaths
By definition, sociopaths are incapable of human emotions like compassion or empathy. They can fake it sometimes, awkwardly. Their attempts to fake compassion are rehearsed and lack the natural humanity of you or I. An obvious example is DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen whose stilted bureaucrat-speak efforts at sympathy would be funny if they were not so clearly evil.

Second Level - the Psychopaths
Psychopaths are capable of something resembling human feelings in that they exalt in orgasmic glee at the suffering of others. Take Corey Lewandowski, who couldn't suppress a joyful laugh at the torment of a Down Syndrome child ripped from her mother by Border Patrol and thrown into the terror of caged confinement. 

Third Level - the Architects of Evil
Stephen Miller crafted the plan to address the Hispanic Problem in the same way that Adolf Eichmann designed the solutions to the Jewish Problem. First dehumanize them by calling them animals, vermin, and infestations. Then deport them. Then imprison them in inhuman camps. The final solution, of course, is to murder them.

The Spire
Atop the spire at the apex of the tower sits the god-king. Call him Hitler or Trump or Pol Pot or Satan, he is the fount of all evil.  All beneath him bathe in the vile corruption that flows from him. 

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