Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Republican Tax Bill as Told In Movie Posters

The bill was written by lobbyists for a handful of the country's richest billionaires whose motto is
Paul Ryan's plan is to use the tax bill to balloon the deficit, requiring decimating programs designed to help the most helpless Americans. Ryan's philosophy is
The raw motive for this is pure
Sen. Bob Corker surrendered a supposedly principled stand against exploding the deficit in exchange for a provision added to the bill that will make Corker a shit ton of money. Principles be damned, Corker is nothing but a
As for Sen. Susan Collins, she agreed to vote for the tax bill only after receiving a solemn promise from Mitch McConnell that there would be a second bill fixing her problems with the one she was voting for. Minutes after her vote was locked in, that promise was thrown into the trash, proving Collins to be
As for us regular Americans just trying to get by, we are

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