Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Only Wall Trump Will Ever Build

Is made of stone.
A few days ago I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant where I used to be a regular but I hadn't been there for several years. The waitress recognized me and knew what my usual order was.
I do not have any recollection of meeting or talking to the Russian Ambassador or any other Russian officials. ~ Jeff Sessions, June 13, 2017
If she could remember that I refuse to believe Jeff Sessions can't remember meeting with a Russian spymaster just six months ago. He is either willfully lying or senile.

Sessions testimony before the Senate committee consisted of him answering those questions he wanted to answer and stonewalling on those questions that were probative. Sessions has cast his lot with a coverup.

Will Trump Fire Mueller?
Anything is possible, but this story is a case of running it up the flag pole and seeing if anybody salutes. Trump wanted to put the option out there to see if he could get away with it. It was also a lame attempt at threatening Mueller. Feckless threats are really the only arrow in Trump's quiver anymore.

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