Friday, June 02, 2017

Pariah Nation

North fucking Korea is part of the Paris Accord on climate change. Not the United States. How much more pariah can you get when the entire world agrees to something except you?

The Economic Winner - China
China already leads the United States in renewable energy investments. That gap will only grow in the future as the US regresses to 19th century energy technology. Add in the fact that other nations will drift away from trading with backwards US technology. Get used to hearing the phrase "China leads the world."

The Political Winner - Russia
Putin had multiple motives for supporting Trump including destroying NATO, but at the top of the list is belatedly winning the Cold War by isolating the United States from the world. By withdrawing the US from the only truly global agreement in history, Trump has accomplished Putin's goal. As Trump's America drifts into global insignificance Putin gloats.

I Love You, California (and New York and Washington)
Those three states and scores of cities have already have already broken with the federal government and pledged to adhere to the Paris Accords. Other localities are certain to follow. Economically and educationally, the backward states, I'm talking to you Kansas, will fall further and further behind as they slowly crawl into Third World status.

'Renegotiating' Ain't Gonna Happen
Trump says he wants to renegotiate the Paris Accords which just means he wants to put his name on it in garish gold letters. The rest of the world is not interested, in fact they intend to redouble their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to make up for the petulant child who wants to smear his feces on everything.

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