Friday, February 17, 2017

The New Gestapo

Jews being deported from Warsaw to Auschwitz
Trump wants a deportation force. It's one of his masturbatory fantasies. But the FBI is too small and its agents are trained to, mostly, follow the law. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is willing but way too small to gather up the tens of millions of brown skinned folk Trump wants expelled.

No, Trump needs at least 100,000 souls who will blindly follow orders regardless of their legality or morality. And it would be really neat if they worn uniforms and carried big ass guns.
The third W├╝rzburg deportation
That is the source of the draft memo proposing mobilizing the National Guards of eleven states to initiate mass arrests and deportations.

It is not going to happen as described in the memo because it proposed leaving the Guard under the control of their state's governors. While the governors of Texas and Arizona would consider having soldiers kicking in doors and dragging families out of their homes the other nine governors would object to storm troopers rampaging through neighborhoods.

Still, it's a hint at what Trump is looking for.

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