Sunday, February 12, 2017

Real Fake News

A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. ~ Mark Twain
Trump is always attacking the media for "fake news" when most of the fakeness in the world comes from Trump and his minions. Sometimes there is a speck of truth.

Way Down In Bowling Green
Kellyanne Conway famously concocted a Bowling Green Massacre that never happened. Still, half of Trump faithful have convinced themselves there was a major terrorist massacre in a mid-sized town in central Kentucky. that the media conspired to cover up.

Oddly, in September, 2016 there was an actual incident that some people have called the "Bowling Green Massacre." On that date, the Ohio State football squad defeated the Bowling Green Falcons 77-10. A massacre, yes, but a bloodless one.

Atlanta's Burning
Press Secretary Sean Spicer loves pointing to the nonexistent attack on Atlanta as proof of the need for extreme vetting of Muslims. He did it repeatedly until someone confusedly asked if he meant Orlando.

There were two real attacks on Atlanta. In 1864, Gen. William Sherman attacked, conquered, and burned Atlanta to the ground. But, that was the Civil War, although white supremacists continue to whine about it. In 1996, Eric Rudolph exploded a bomb in Atlanta's Centennial Park killing one and wounding 111. Rudolph as a rightwing fanatic and an ideological shadow of Steve Bannon.

Murder Inc.
Trump says the US murder rate is the highest in 47 years. The only proof he has ever provided is to quote himself. The truth is the the murder rate was higher during the entire Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and Bush I years. While the murder rate is higher than it was during most of the Obama Administration they are still historically low.

Methinks is watching too much Investigation Discovery.

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