Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Indiana Creates Propaganda Ministry

State run media is the hallmark of an unfree state. In Iran the state run new outlet is called IRIB. In China, the People's Daily tells the people what the government wants them to know. The old Soviet Union had Pravda while Nazi Germany had Der Stürmer.
Now, the Great State of Indiana has joined these illustrious news organizations with Just IN.
Just IN will use taxpayers money to build a propaganda machine to compete with legitimate news outlets. Just IN promises "exclusive" content unavailable from regular news outlets, meaning they will be withholding information and only offer officially filtered versions of news. State officials will no longer have to submit to interviews with journalists. All "interviews" can now be done by the state news agency asking only those questions the state wants asked and never embarrassing state officials with pesky facts.

In the future, Indiana will be a state where the "nattering nebobs of negativism" will be silenced and only the "good news" of the glorious state will be heard.  Republican Governor Mike Pence is proud of his creation designed to control the flow of information for the betterment of the Party.

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