Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Greece: The Great Plutocracy Experiment

Athena weeps.
The Greek economy is what happens when plutocrats gain total control over government. The Greek debt crisis was created by Goldman Sachs and while Greece fell into depression, Goldman profited. The Greek bailout was designed to put the entire weight of austerity on the Greek people while leaving the big investment banks not only untouched but profiting from the austerity.

Goldman executive, and plutocrat toady, Lucas Papademos, was installed without elections as the Prime Minister of Greece with instructions to implement a bloodthirsty economic regime upon Greece. His successor, Antonis Samaras, is himself a plutocrat and has served plutocrat interested to the exclusion of everyone else.

Now that Greek election near, plutocrats are crashing the Greek stock market in the hope of terrifying the Greek people to abandon popular government and allow Greece to be continue to be a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy.

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The noble lie is a concept originated by Plato as described in The Republic. However, the concept has far greater scope and has been used by many commentators to talk about much more modern issues in politics.