Thursday, May 01, 2014

Justice Scalia's Views on Judical Consideration

 `Write that down,' the King said to the jury, and the jury eagerly wrote down all three dates on their slates, and then added them up, and reduced the answer to shillings and pence.
`That's very important,' the King said, turning to the jury. They were just beginning to write this down on their slates, when the White Rabbit interrupted: `Unimportant, your Majesty means, of course,' he said in a very respectful tone.
`Unimportant, of course, I meant,' the King hastily said, and went on to himself in an undertone, `important--unimportant-- unimportant--important--' as if he were trying which word sounded best.
`No, no!' said the Queen. `Sentence first--verdict afterwards.' 
Scalia opining from the bench.
Thoughts on learning that Scalia can't even be bothered researching his own decisions before just making shit up. Like the royal couple in Alice in Wonderland, Scalia reaches his opinions before cases are ever heard then set about justifying his positions - facts be damned.

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