Monday, December 09, 2013

Big Brother Is Looking At You In Your Underwear

I'm not surprised that our professional government voyeurs have developed the technology to surreptitiously turn on your computer webcam. And, of course, they will claim they only do it in case of terrorism or serious crime (or if she's really hot).  It doesn't strike me as a useful bit of surveillance if your are looking for evidence of criminal activity. Webcams are seldom positioned to pick up panoramic views of bomb factories. Generally all they can see is the torso of the typist and a bit of the wall behind her.

If you are a real criminal (and not an exhibitionist teen) this government technology is easily thwarted with a little bit of duct tape.  

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Katy Anders said...

I've had tape over my webcam for years. Those things make me paranoid.

OK, I was probably already paranoid before I ever had a computer with a webcam on it.

The government is turning out to be worse than the conspiracy theorists hypothesized...