Wednesday, December 04, 2013

And This Is Why Iran Should Want Nukes

Duncan Hunter is my congressman. Please don't think less of me. Before him, his daddy held the seat. Between them, father and son, they have held a congressional seat for nearly a third of a century. Theirs is not a dynasty by any stretch, it's more like a petty fiefdom.

Daddy, in his career, never accomplished anything other than almost getting his hand caught in the cookie jar. Daddy Duncan took money from the same corrupt defense contractors as felon Congressman Duke Cunningham. He just wasn't as stupid and didn't leave a bribery price list lying around for prosecutors to find. Daddy Duncan even ran for president once, not for any political purpose but purely as a way to collect legal bribes. By accounts, kiddy Duncan is following in his father's corrupt footsteps and, like father, except for his extensive corruption, kiddy Duncan has accomplished nothing at all in office.

Which all makes me wonder why kiddy Duncan has come out advocating a nuclear attack on Iran. It almost certainly has something to do with defense appropriations. Kiddy Duncan probably is being paid a pretty penny to channel multiple billions of dollars into a new nuclear weapons program (I'm guessing a new design of tactical nukes that can be fitted on drone aircraft) and needs to gin up some casus belli to justify such an utter and complete waste of money.

Kiddy Duncan, like daddy Duncan before him, doesn't give a fuck about the country or servicemen or balancing the federal budget. He would love a nice expensive war because that's where the really big legal bribes are found. Both Hunters are just low-class grifters who found himself a sweat scam. 

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