Thursday, October 10, 2013

Modern Republicans In (Mostly) Old Pictures

The greatest political cartoonist in history was the 19th century's Thomas Nast of Harper's Weekly. Among other things he created out current image of Santa Claus and assigned to elephant to Republicans. But there are a couple of his drawings that speak to today.
This 1871 drawing recalls a scene from Oliver Twist where master pickpocket the Artful Dodger ran down the street screaming "Stop Thief!" to hide the fact he was, himself, the thief in question. Republicans are causing all the current economic threats yet they pretend to be innocent bystanders.
Then there is this classic also from 1871 as every Republican is blaming every other Republican for the mess they've gotten themselves into. However, Congressional Republicans are not so polite as the crooks in this drawing. A more accurate depiction is this modern pic...
Since Republicans are mostly intent on destroying other Republicans who deviate even by a hair from orthodoxy. Tea Partiers talk of "removing RINO traitors."
Old Joe Stalin called them purges but, really, no difference.

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