Monday, June 18, 2012

Heartless Republicans

They call her Hard Hearted Hannah,
The vamp of Savannah,
The meanest gal in town;
Leather is tough, but Hannah's heart is tougher,
Republicans are competing for role of most leather-hearted, compassionless individual in politics. Two recent entrants are:

Eric Hovde of Wisconsin whined about reading stories about poor people suffering through economic recession when he wanted to read about how their thieving ways are destroying the country. Hovde's outrage at being exposed to "sob stories" is cruel but is not directly designed to kill people so he earns only a 7.3 on the Heartless Scale.

Richard Mourdock of Indiana has proposed that employer provided health services should not have to cover cancer. He contents that employers should have the right to choose what illnesses they cover and if they want watch their employees suffer lingering, painful deaths, well that should be between the boss and his hapless workers. Mourdock doesn't just talk, he would work to insure poor workers die painfully. He earns a 9.0 on the Heartless Scale.

(I believe this may become a regular feature.)

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