Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Great Wisconsin Fizzle

What happened to the Wisconsin Revolution and how did it fizzle so pathetically?
 » Almost all the energy of the capitol protests had dissipated by the time of the recall election.
» Because the protests failed to identify and coalesce around a single charismatic leader.
» Because the Democratic Party old guard co-opted the movement.

Rather than becoming a revolutionary movement to rescue the state from the clutches of a radical destroyer the recall became just another election.

Republicans did their part.

» Republicans poured a shitload of money at the campaign.
» Much of that money was spent to convince Wisconsin citizens that recalls are an illegitimate political tool that should be used only if the governor in question is a convicted serial rapist.
» Democrats failed to make the case that recalls are appropriate whenever a politician breaks the political trust of the electorate and that Walker was the political equal of a serial rapist. They failed at sending this message because the old guard saw the recall as just another election.

At least President Obama didn't bother to tie his reelection wagon to that dying horse.

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Anonymous said...

In the end, the fault is the people's for not understanding the consequences of their indifference because it involved thinking. They still reserve the right to complain and blame workers and teachers as if ordinary people trying to get by have a thing to do with problems this country is facing other than they are among the most prominent victims,