Monday, April 30, 2012

Republicans Sour Grapes

I am endlessly fascinated by the lengths that Republicans go to in denying President Obama's successes. If Obama were ever seen walking on water Republicans would immediately attack him for not swimming. Take two examples: the end of Osama bin Laden and the return of Detroit to profitability.

Remember when Chrysler ran a feel good Super Bowl ad about how the US car industry was recovering and Republicans held a collective hissy fit? Then there are the contortions that Mitt Romney goes through denying he never said what he said ("Let Detroit go bankrupt.") and criticizing the President's actions with the auto industry while at the same time claiming it was all really his idea. It's a performance worthy of Cirque du Soleil.
Mitt Romney explains himself.
Bin Laden
If anything was deserving of a grudging "good on ya, mate" it would be this one. He'd been America's Public Enemy #1 for a decade and his death was universally good news. Republican's initial reaction was close to mourning; Bush torture lawyer, John Yoo, went so far as to calling the raid a "mistake." They attacked the President for not personally pulling the trigger, as if George Bush drove the lead tank in the Iraq War invasion (pick a Bush and pick a war). There is Sean Hannity's bizarre claim that President Obama tried to protect Bin Laden. Rick Santorum attacked the President for not keeping the news secret (like that was possible). The current Republican meme is that it is "shameful" for the President to call that success a success.

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Anonymous said...

Romney counts on people being stupid. There is reasons to believe that this is a sensible approach. After all, people consistently vote against their interest and in favor of letting the rich get richer.