Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mittens and Lying

Among the attributes I most envy in a public man (or woman) is the ability to lie. ~ Richard Cohen
Cohen is writing about Mitt Romney and I can't tell if he is being sarcastic. But I can tell you that Mittens is a piss-poor liar.

Romney on healthcare.
Romney doesn't lie. What he does is spew every conceivable position on an issue like a water balloon filled with rancid spit. Somewhere in that expectorant rain you'll hear something you kind of agree with (if you don't think too hard). Mitt's job is now easy, just convince people that everything else he said is a lie.

He needs people like Cohen to spread the story that Mitt is a really, really skilled liar to make the game work.
I heard Romney say a bunch of stuff I hate. That means he must agree with me because he is always lying. ~ hypothetical average American
The secret to understanding Mitt Romney is realizing that he doesn't believe much of anything. He is not running for president because he is fueled by some strong (or even weak) political philosophy. Mitt wants the White House because it will make a kick-ass trophy that he can show off to all his multimillionaire buddies.
You bought a new yacht? Fuck that! I own a whole country. ~ Mitt in private, next year
When it comes to governing, Mitt will treat the country like what it is, his brand new toy. He'll play with it in whatever way seems fun at the moment. If that stops being fun he'll just turn around and start playing a different game with our lives.
What unemployment insurance will look like in a Romney Administration.

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Anonymous said...

I assume that Romney is not really a disciple of his claimed faith, because if he were, he would burn for all eternity for consistently, deliberately, and without remorse violating one of the ten commandments. Oh, wait, that only happens to gay people (presumably without regard to their violation of any of those commandments). I suppose what Romney is doing is promoted by his religion -- lie to people -- since that is mainly the very foundation of his religion.