Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Reading Too Much Into an Election

All politics is local. ~ Tip O'Neill
Everyone is all atwitter (you know, new technology has really changed this word) over the macro-implications of yesterday's election. The funny thing is there is really nothing to see.
  • Virginia's Creigh Deeds ran a piss poor election. He came off as significantly incompetent. Here is a tip - people will always vote for the guy who knows how to tie his shoes even if they disagree with his politics. (George W. Bush is an exception to this rule; the only things that explain his elections is vote fraud or mass insanity.)
  • John Corzine was too corrupt even by New Jersey's lax standards. It would have taken a Republican version of Creigh Deeds to lose there although I grant that Chris Christie's own brand of stupid came close to losing a winning hand.
  • The NY-23 victory for a Democrat was actually a defeat for national Democrats. Had Hoffman won the conservative mob would have set off purging the Republican Party down to single digits. Now, maybe they won't, but I hold out hope they will try kicking Olympia Snowe out of the party. That would be fun.

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Anonymous said...

The right-wing-nuts are chattering about this defeat in NY-23 just being the first attempt, aiming for primary challenges of Republicans who are not conservative enough. They think they came close.

This has the potential to be an impressive bloodletting, if the extreme right kills off viable candidates to replace them with unelectable extremists. Could be fascinating to watch.

Yes, it defies logic. But, True Believers are not guided by logic.