Friday, January 09, 2009

Blagojevich Impeached

This falls under the category of What Took So Bleeping Long, but the Illinois House has impeached Rod Blagojevich. The vote was 114 yea, 1 nay, with 1 voting present.

I can understand why Elga Jefferies voted present. She lost her reelection bid in the primary and really doesn't give a damn anymore. She just showed up for the per diem.

The "no" vote is interesting. Milton Patterson voted "no" because he didn't think it was his job, he didn't feel comfortable. He didn't take a principled stand - he didn't praise Blago or attack the indictment or the impeachment process. He was just uneasy. It takes a certain degree of courage to be the only one to vote "no" on something so high profile. Patterson's vote was courageous and I give him credit for that. I'm just not quite sure why he felt so courageous.

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