Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Siemens = Evil

If ever there was a company that deserves to be shut down forever it is Siemens AG.

Nazi Favorites
Siemens AG manufactured many of the items used by the Nazis to kill. They made great profit from this by using slave labor from concentration camps, most notoriously at the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. Slaves would build electric switches for Siemens manufactured V-2 rockets in the morning and be murders in Siemens built gas chambers in the afternoon.

Heartless Marketers
In 2002 Siemens wanted to build gas ovens for the home using the trademark name Zyklon. That just happens also to be the name of the poison used in concentration camp gas chambers. Siemens continues to use that horrid name to market a line of vacuum cleaners in Germany.

Bribers Extraordinaire
As if to prove that time has not diminished Siemens AG's skill in immoral enterprises, it has engaged in a wide spread enterprise of bribery. This has led to the largest ever fine, $1.6 billion. Yet, the truth is that Siemens is getting off easy. The fine is small enough that Siemens has still made a good profit from their illegal activities. Also, they get to keep all of their government contracts and retain the right to go after still more government contracts. If Siemens has learned any lesson at all it is to disguise their bribery better.


MNR said...

Unfortunately i worked for them recently and it doesn't sound like they've changed much over the years. Still an evil company, with no sense of corporate responsibility, that seems to attract a bunch of ignorant, complacent slackers. The world would definitely benefit from their disappearence.

Anonymous said...

I believe Siemens was also contracted to build a Nuclear Power Plant in Iran a few decades ago. Should we really be doing business with a company that involved in the WWII holocaust, and supports countries like Iran. To me it looks like a company that is channeling our money to evil doers around the world.

James Wilson said...

Why stop here though?
Hugo Boss designed the SS uniform
Porche designed the VW Beetle
Coca Cola's Fanta was created for the Nazi market

Anonymous said...

Of course the Nazis used equipment made by German companies.

Therefore all German companies which existed 1930-1945 should be shut down? BAHAHAHA

A lot of big companies engaged in Bribery in the past, not just Siemens, but a lot of American companies as well.

Your blog is a load of naive/neo-socialist/activist hate and propaganda.

luniac said...

Come on... selling light switches or soft drinks to a bunch of brainwashed murderers is a lot different than manufacturing their tools of destruction!

Anonymous said...

All the assets of any company which supported the Nazis in any way whatsoever should have been transferred or liquidated after the war and used as compensation for the victims of the Nazis. If the allies had done their job properly, the likes of Siemens, AG Farben, Hugo Boss, etc, etc, would not now exist and not be allowed to reform

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that you people are so upset at Siemens for what they've done to aid the deaths of many Jew "ish" people, but what about the caucasians that were involved in the transatlantic-slave trade with the deaths and murder and persecution of hundreds of millions hebrew-israelite "so-called" african americans. Not only were they considered 3/5ths of a human (correct if I'm wrong), but were stripped from their land and sold into slavery as bondmen and bondwomen and forced to worship their enemies gods and were to be called a byword (like nigger, monkey, darkey, or the famous african american). But as sad as it is let's just focus on the not proven, heavily debated 6 mliion socalled Jew "ish" that were murdered. At least they were considered humans and resided in the area of Europe were they were originally from. Check out Deut. 28:34-68...the slaves were the true israelites that the bible speaks of according to scripture. Noah had 3 sons called Ham (Africans), Shem (progenetors of TRue Hebrew Israelites), and Japheth (progenetors of Gentiles nations or isles of the gentiles as stated in Genesis 10)

Just saying

Anonymous said...

I worked at Siemens Business Communications from 1992 to 1998. As part of the New Employee Orientation, SBC provided a history book of Siemens. The Preface included a yearly history of the company. Surprisingly 1939-1945 was not included. Hmm.....