Monday, December 03, 2007

Romney's Religion

Since Mitt Romney is going to give a speech on his religion, a brief Mormon Primer is in order.

Mormons have much in common with other American cults. Created in 1830 by Joseph Smith, there are about 5.5 million Mormons in the United States and about 10 million worldwide. About 70% of the State of Utah practices the Mormon faith.
  • As with many American-born religions, Mormons believe that the United States is the New Jerusalem and God has a special covenant with Americans.
  • They believe Americans are God's chosen people (sorry about that you Jewish folk). But, not just any Americans, only white Americans. This is similar to the much more obscene beliefs of the Christian Identity movement. It was not until 1978, when Mitt Romney was 31 years-old, that the Mormon Church officially revoked their belief that black skin was the "Mark of Cain" and showed God has cursed all people of color. Interracial marriage is still considered a sin.
  • Similar to the Oneida Community, Mormons had strange sexual practices. The exact theological underpinnings for polygamy escape me. As near as I can tell, the Mormon God instructed only one wife per man unless he really, really liked you. Then you could have a harem. Polygamy was officially outlawed by the church in 1890. There are today some 60,000 practicing Mormon polygamists, mostly in Utah, Arizona, and Mexico. That is a larger number than practiced polygamy in 1890.
  • As with other cults, there are organizations to help "deprogram" people from the Mormon faith.
  • One of the more unusual features of the religion is its underwear fetish.
I can't answer the question whether a practicing Mormon should be elected President. I just don't know. However, we have had a practicing imbecile in the office for seven years now and the nation has survived.

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David said...

Your primer on Romney's religion has a problems. Was it an attempt to be funny or are you just ignorant of actual Mormon theology? You start out with a couple of true statements, but everything after that shows a serious lack of truth and objectivity.

Mormons (as other Christians) believe that descendents of Abraham, Issac and Jacob are the covenant people, not white people from America.

Since the Church outlawed polygamy, then those practicing polygamy obviously aren't Mormon as you have characterized them.

What is your definition of a cult? Any religion that isn't yours? Just religions with a cross fetish?