Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Problem With Infallibility

When Pope Benedict quoted that 12th Century Byzantine emperor he made a mistake. As top diplomat for over a billion Catholics he should have chosen his words more prudently. It happens. He is, after all, only human. Humans make mistakes and they apologize.

Unfortunately, the Pope is annointed by God; he is supposed to be infallible. The best Benedict could manage was to express sorrow at the reaction to his talk. If I accidently hit you in the nose, I say "I'm sorry." I don't say, "I'm sorry you're still crying because I hit you."

That last one doesn't cut it. It lacks compassion. It's not good, being a Pope without compassion.


Duchess Of Austin said...

Uh, 'scuse me, but don't you find it a bit ironic that the Muslims are using violence (firebombing churches, killing nuns, etc.) and threats of violence (calling for the Pope's assassination) to show that their religion isn't violent?

What are you? Nuts? The Pope should have been MORE direct, instead of quoting a long dead Byzantine emperor (who, by the way was a Dhimmi) and just said it outright that the Muslims are MURDERERS, and the RoP has no more in common with peace than apples have anything in common with straightjackets.

KnightErrant said...

The Muslim overreaction is extreme beyond any bounds of reason. Their "You dissed me, I'll kill you" reaction screams an immense inferiority complex probably brought about by immense inferiority.

The Pope is more than just a spiritual leader, more than just the Vicar of Christ. He is the Catholic ambassador to the world. That position requires political discretion and admitting error when that is the politic thing to do.

Cowboy diplomacy ill serves a Pope as badly as it does an American President.

Damanick said...

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El Mas Chingón said...

The Pope was out of line. Duchess, we have extremists Christians who use violence to enforce their ideology on those who oppose them. Just ask anyone who works at an abortion clinic.

Knighterrant, I've changed my blog title and location (GFAFC) so you might want to update your blogroll. Thanks.

Duchess Of Austin said...

Sorry, ya'll, but I respectfully disagree. As the Vicar of Christ, it's the Pope's DUTY to point out that we've got a huge problem with Islam. Any religion that promotes conversion by swordpoint is a huge problem, especially in our modern times. There is no radical "fringe." Todays radical muslims are practicing pure Islam, not perverting a peaceful religion, which is what the MSM would have you believe.

Do your homework, boys. Read the Quran and the Hadith, and then point out to me where it DOESN'T say convert the infidel at the point of a sword. It would have said GUNPOINT had gunpowder been known to the ME at that time. Show me where it says convert the infidel by throwing rose petals at their feet and treating them well to show how merciful Islam is....I'm thinking you won't find that passage or anything like it because it doesn't exist.

Mohammed and his religion are both fakes. Mohammed was a failed EVERYTHING before he hit on the mix of sex (in the afterlife) and money (booty) to sell his product (Islam). Basically, he was an illiterate, wannabe Jew, and the Jews mocked him for his illiteracy, so he went to war on them.

Talk about your inferiority complex. Perhaps that's where it comes from today. Islam IS an inferior religion, and a perversion of christianity and judiasm. The Quran is nothing more than a bunch of Old Testament Bible stories turned inside out.

The Pope should have NEVER apologized. These freaks see that as WEAKNESS, and you might as well go out and purchase the latest in Burqua's for your wives, and prayer rugs for yourselves if you think that by "making nice" with the muslims, they're going to drop their agenda of world domination.

Utopia is fictional, boys. It doesn't exist and it never will, because man is imperfect, and therefore will never have a perfect society. The Human Condition will not allow for it, so maybe you guys would be better served to live in the real world, and stop dreaming of some Utopian society that will never exist.

El Mas Chingón said...

I suppose you've never heard of the Jesus Camp video. Check it out on YouTube and tell me Chrisitanity doesn't have its own subset of lunatics that misinterpret the Bible's teachings.