Friday, September 15, 2006

Poisoning Our Food Supply

I've sometimes wondered why Al-Qaeda keeps trying complicated airplane attacks when it would be much more effective and a lot easier to poison our fruits and vegetables which are sitting out in the open in every supermarket in the country. Then news like the nation's entire supply of spinach has been compromised by a deadly e-coli bacteria comes across the Internet. I realize, how would we know if Al-Qaeda poisoned our food?

Nary a week goes by that there isn't some report about salmonella in croutons, shigella in resturant food, enough mercury in fish to make a thermometer, hepatitis diseased food handlers, and bad mushrooms. Well, I never liked mushrooms anyhow. Then there are the reports that an unapproved genetically modified rice manufactured by Bayer has contaminated a quarter of the United States rice supply - Bayer has asked the USFDA to approve the rice for human consumption because it is already in America's food supply. And the USFDA has begun allowing companies to deliberately add viruses to food.

Our food supply is so badly contaminated by greedy businesses, general incompetence, and Food and Drug Administration corruption, anything Al-Qaeda could do would be a drop in an already foul, stinking bucket.

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