Thursday, November 12, 2015

What a 'Deportation Force' Looks Like

Donald Trump recently said he would have a "deportation force" to "humanely" remove eleven million Mexican "rapists." This has been done before so we know what it will look like.
"The Spider," an evil ethnic rapist
Here, a uniformed deportation official humanely directs undesirable aliens into comfortable railroad cars.
Alien women preparing to enjoy the scenery in a wonderful open-air transport under the care of humane deportation officials. Making deportation fun!
Deportees arriving at their destination. Note the joyful expressions on their faces.
Children being loaded onto trucks for a fun deportation journey.
Criminal aliens being escorted by watchful deportation officials
Deportation agents greeting illegal aliens on their arrival. The truncheons will be used to gently and humanely urge them to their final solution destination.
And, because Trump mentioned it directly, armed deportation officials during Operation Wetback in 1954.
While Operation Wetback did not have extermination camps as such, thousands died. A key component of Operation Wetback was to leave people without assets far from any population centers so they could not ever get back to the United States. In just one incident in July, 1954, 88 people were deposited in the Mexican desert without provisions and died from the heat. Hundreds of US citizens of Hispanic descent were rounded up, stripped of the possessions, and expelled from the United States to die in poverty in a foreign country.

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