Thursday, February 12, 2015

Looking Into a Republican Soul

Republicans have a clear moral compass when choosing their political heroes. They love...

Candidates dumber than a kumquat as long as they act on their hatred of higher education.
Higher IQ and more Vitamin C than Scott Walker
 Judges with total contempt for courts, other judges, and the law particularly when that contempt is used to attack people they hate.

Politicians who believe it is better to die quickly in abject poverty than to live with disabilities.

Candidates incapable of hire a competent campaign staff because than means they will be great presidents.
There's a reason all the "smart money" is going to Jeb.

Judges who believe that innocence is no defense and that there is nothing unconstitutional about executing an innocent man.

Politicians who believe the earth is 6000 years old because that means they are gullible enough to swallow anything lobbyists tell them.

Candidates who believe that people would rather have no health insurance at all than have the chance to buy affordable health care.
Rotting, diseased flesh is the smell of freedom.
Anyone who shoots an unarmed black youth.

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