Thursday, April 03, 2014

Radical Republicanism PR

Radical Republicans always have difficulty with the public relations. As always, allow me to help them.

Guns Galore in Killeen, TX (even the name of the town has "kill" in it) has provided the weapons for both Fort Hood shootings. They shouldn't be shy. This is the kind of publicity that will attract gun enthusiasts from throughout the country.
Suggested slogan: "Your go to store for all your mass murder needs."
Kentucky Senate candidate Matt Bevin has withdrawn as the keynote speaker at a cock fighting convention. Bevin is claiming to an ignorant hillbilly who didn't understand that cock fighting was the only reason they were getting together.
Bevin should embrace the controversy. He should proudly declare that cock fighting is a treasured Southern tradition, like lynching blacks, and that Northern liberals have no right to deny Kentuckians of the God given right to their blood sports.

Charles Koch whines that he is being picked on over his continuing efforts to turn the United States government into a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries.
I really don't have much advise except, if you don't want people saying you and your brother are the biggest sons of bitches in the history of the United States then you should stop behaving like a couple of solid gold assholes.

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Katy Anders said...

I was listening to Harry reid demonizing the Koch Bros the other day and realized that this was pretty much the way it had to be. With the Supreme Court essentially dismantling the campaign finance laws piece by piece, the only alternative left is for people to bring attention to what these billionaires are doing to our elections.

Granted, that's probably not enough - it is unlikely that knowing the Koch Bros are behind Candidate A is going to be enough to ruin his chances, especially if he's swimming in ad money.

But it's what we've got left.