Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bargaining With the Devils at Goldman

There is something evil lurking in the executive suites of that building. Something like in the movie Devil's Advocate only a banker not a lawyer, which makes it even worse. That is the Goldman Sachs Tower in Jersey City, by the way.

If anything is going to destroy Barack Obama in the future it is going to be the way that Goldman Sachs has infused itself into every aspect of the economic recovery program, usually in ways that are devious and designed to benefit that one bank ahead of everyone else, including the nation. This is the kind of thing that has a habit of blowing up.
There is something very wrong at Goldman Sachs. President Obama needs to erect a firewall between his administration and that company before it is too late.

(P.S. - As a notice to Goldman Sachs' team of highly paid lawyers, I really love Goldman Sachs. I am building an altar to them and will be sacrificing small furry animals, perhaps even drinking the still warm blood of virgins, to placate his terrible visage. Of my own free will, I now acknowledge Your power.)

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