Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Sinister, Man, Crazy Sinister

I've been called insane by better people than Joan Swirsky. Dr. Stanley Coren, author of a best-selling series of books on dogs, wrote in the book The Left-Hander Syndrome that half of all left-handers are pathologically left-handed. He believes everyone is right-handed and we left-handers are just mistakes of gestation.

Joan Swirsky is a nurse and the author of books like Instant Beauty ~ Getting Gorgeous on Your Lunchtime Break. She writes in an article that being a political lefty, a liberal, is a psychological disorder akin to autism. We are children, to her, whiny children. We are brats who don't respect and love our father. To Joan, the Father Figure is George Bush. Hillary Clinton is a "jealous tomboy," Nancy Pelosi a "spoiled princess." She believe that only an ungrateful child would be upset at the pretty little war that Daddy George has given us.

Well, two can play at this game.
What does one call people with a child-like fear of the "Boogeyman?" The Boogeyman is the evilest evil they can imagine. Their only desire is for some strong parent-figure to promise to protect them from this terrifying terror. Their fear is so pervasive they will accept any silly notion (like removing your shoes to get on an airplane) to make them feel safer from the Boogeyman. They think the Boogeyman is everywhere, savagely wanting only to kill them. Their every waking moment is warped by fear of the Boogeyman.

What are they called? That's right, Conservatives.
Art is All Children Are Insane by MoodSwing08

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PoliShifter said...

back in the day they would tie kids' hands behind their backs if they were left handed and force them to use their right hand. Very sad.

Fear and Authorita are hallmarks of the right.

I don't fucking get it myself.